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About Clinic Solutions



We work with both healthcare providers and employers to create symbiotic relationships that will also benefit the employees and patients. By linking local healthcare providers with employers, we can facilitate no-cost healthcare for the employee while boosting savings for the employer and revenue for the healthcare provider.

We’re in this for You

Clinic Solutions is not partnered with any insurance or pharmaceutical companies. Instead, we focus only on finding the best solution for you to grow your business while saving money for business owners and patients.

We do not promote any specific healthcare services or medications, but rather strive to unite local employers and healthcare providers to offer low- or no-cost medical care and medications to employees in order to improve long-term wellness and efficiency.There is no one solution that is perfect for every business. However, Clinic Solutions does have the solution that is right for YOUR business. Through our consultation services, we will provide an analysis of all of your healthcare needs and costs, then we will find the best healthcare solutions for you.

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