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For Employers


Provide your employees with no-cost healthcare services to boost their long-term wellness and increase employee satisfaction.

What Can Clinic Solutions Do For You?

Clinic Solutions is dedicated to partnering local businesses with healthcare provider offices to provide employees with accessible primary care. This allows for near-site medical clinics to be offered to employees with zero-cost healthcare and prescriptions in most cases.

How Clinic Solutions Can Increase Your Savings, Grow Your Business, and Boost Employee Wellness

Better Healthcare Services for Employees

By offering free or low-cost medical services and prescriptions, your employees will have better access to healthcare, which means they will use it more regularly. This will keep them healthier now and in the future, which can also save on more expensive medical interventions later.

Save Money on Fees

Partnering with a near-site clinic will save you money on overhead for your employee healthcare program.

Pay For Only What Is Used

Instead of making large, regular payments, you only have to pay for the healthcare services when they are used. This means you don’t have to pay someone to staff your on-site clinic or pay for any equipment or services that won’t get used.

Positive Impact for Recruitment & Retention

These services allow you to offer no-cost healthcare to your employees and their families. This will be a significant selling point in all employee recruitment and retention programs!

What Does Clinic Solutions Do For Employees?

No-Cost Healthcare

By partnering your business with a near-site clinic, Clinic Solutions will be able to create no-cost healthcare services for your employees. Employees and their families will be able to access primary healthcare easily and affordably.

Decrease Medication Costs

Employees will be able to regularly take their prescriptions, as they will be far more affordable with this system. Affordable medications means your employees can take their medication as prescribed, and taking medications as prescribed creates better health outcomes in the long run.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

The best way to save on the effects and costs of poor health is to prevent issues before they become significant. By offering no-cost primary care and prescriptions, employees will be able to keep up with their healthcare and prevent dangerous, costly medical conditions.

Consulting for a Better Healthcare Solution

A consultation with Clinic Solutions will allow us to take your claims data, run an analysis on it, and implement the best solution to save you money while also providing excellent healthcare to your employees. Step ahead of the competition by scheduling a consultation to have your employees covered with cost-effective, top-tier healthcare while providing you with premier savings on all employee-sponsored healthcare needs.

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